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System and method to deliver clickable objects information when capturing and delivering an image

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246228D
Publication Date: 2016-May-18
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A method to transpose clickable objects inside a document into a metadata information to be attached to the picture when a screenshot is taken for a specific document area

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System and method to deliver clickable objects information when capturing and delivering an image

Images are often sent to deliver faster information . This usually happens in chat programs or email programs to save time since looking at an image can easily show a lot of details that would require a lot of words to be provided . This is why chat programs, email clients and even operative systems are more and more provided with tools that allow to select portion of the screen to send . The real drawback with this approach is that if there are links , URLs and other clickable objects in the image they cannot be directly clicked on the image obviously . So, especially with the links and URLs, what usually happens is that they are separately copied in the chat .

The article introduce a mechanism to exploit images metadata to make some specific areas of the image be sent clickable. So when the image is captured information about clickable objects are provided from the involved programs and embedded in the image being assigned. These metadata information obviously include the URL/URI or whatever else to be invoked but also the area , set of pixels, that are sensible to the related click.

So in a chat conversation for instance, the message originator will grab a portion of the screen. At that point (done with ALT+Stamp or through whatever tool) all the involved programs will be identified, potentially also the operative system, if the desktop is partially caught, will be involved. For each of the involved and displayed programs, clickable objects are identified and related information asked to the involved program. Fo...