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Rendering real-time layout and signal strength of nearby WIFI access points

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246238D
Publication Date: 2016-May-19

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This invention discloses a new system and method to generate real-time layout of wireless access points for mobile users based on multiple-device collaboration. Wireless receiver collects signal identifier, strength, encryption, network type(telecom operator) nearby. Mobile device broadcasts a request to other devices nearby via short-range wireless communication protocol like ZigBee. This request is forwarded or responded by other devices. Each request has a fixed hop to avoid request passed too far away. Besides, each request has a direction to avoid duplicate request and correct direction from mobile users. When a mobile device walks across a wireless signal, it gets the signal attributes, detects signal strength and stores the some locations which has the same signal strength. When there is a new request coming, the signal attributes and one or two pairs of location and signal strength is packaged into the response content. After requester gets all response messages nearby, it can calculate and render wireless access point layout map around it.