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Publication Date: 2016-May-19

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Real-time monitoring of patient's respiratory parameters, including respiratory compliance/resistance and the inspiratory efforts in patient under mechanical ventilation offers invaluable information for the clinician to tailor ventilation strategy and settings. Several non-invasive respiratory parameter estimation algorithms have been proposed, in which patient inhalation timing parameters are needed and have to be exhaustively searched. This increases the algorithm computation complexity and sometimes degrades the estimation performance. In this disclosure, we proposed to use non-invasive respiratory motion sensing techniques to obtain a coarse estimate of patient inhalation timing parameters and assist non-invasive respiratory parameter estimation algorithms to estimate patient respiratory parameters. Such non-invasive respiratory motion sensing solutions can be camera based, in which a camera (or multiple cameras) is used to measure patient abdomen/chest movement and then extract patient inhalation timing parameters. Other options could be 3D-accelerameter sensor based solution (e.g. patient monitoring Atlas platform), in which a motion sensor (or multiple motion sensors) is attached to patient abdomen/chest to measure patient respiratory patterns. Such respiratory motion sensing equipment can be connected with ventilator device (on which respiratory parameter estimation is performed) via wireless connections. The invention can be applied to ventilators (both invasive and noninvasive) for real-time patient monitoring and ventilation optimization. Respiratory monitoring, respiratory parameter estimation, respiratory muscle pressure estimation, diaphragm pressure estimation, work of breathing, non-invasive estimation, respiratory motion sensing