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A smart recommendation system based on multiple language translation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246257D
Publication Date: 2016-May-20

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In a multicultural society, it's important to become a quick learner and adapt to the diversification of surrounding cultures as soon as possible. The following problems are becoming our common concern: 1. If you are shopping overseas, not familiar with the language, it might be very hard for you to select the store, hard for you to buy the right things you want, hard for you to order, and to know other choices with higher quantity and performance, etc. 2. If you are travelling abroad, it might be difficult for you to know the tourist route immediately, difficult for you to know what the local characteristics, and to find out a local famous restaurant, and to pay the bill with a favorable discount, etc. 3. When you are on oversea business trip and you need to travel across several countries in a short time, and you don't have enough time to plan your journey in details, it will be hard for you to get familiar with your recessive competitors as soon as possible to take advantages in the negotiation. Core Idea: 1. According to the translated information, the method provides location-based app recommendation, either existing apps on the user's mobile device, or apps in the store. 2. According to the translated information, the method provides related information and links that are top hits of public search engines. ‚Äč 3. Integrated experience is delivered to help users to get as much information as possible in one single operation conveniently.