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Intelligent Seat Assignment System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246258D
Publication Date: 2016-May-20
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This article presents a method/system of seat assigment. User could be recommended with a seat with neighbours he'd like to sit with by integrating with cyber credits. Users' interests/friends/knowledge/business and other information can be retrieved from the social applications. And a seat is recommended/assigned with this data and user's profile.

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Intelligent Seat Assignment System

Social network is widely used in people's life, both online and offline.As personal data could be collected from a lot of channels like social applications which could record user's information based on personal use, but current ticket system/prior-art could only identify if your neighbour is a friends, more choice should be provided to users

1.The main idea is provide a matching rate which be computed based on the big data which collected/ tracked from kinds of method, eg, mobile app, network history or profile
2.A recommended seat assignment program will be provided to end user

Method of Proactive Personalized Seat Assignment System Integrated with Cyber Credits and Social Relationship

In one illustrative embodiment,a method of proactive personalized seat assignment system integrated with cyber credits is provided for improving personal seat selection opinions,recommending suitable conversation topics,and smoothly switching online to offline social relationships. The illustrative embodiment generates multi-dimension user interest determination algorithmto categorize ticket requesters based on their social media influences and activities (such as cyber credits,scores,interests, follows, posts,hash tags etc…)with real time Q&A service. The illustrative embodiment monitors whether any of theticketing requests from a known ticket buyers with social influence records is valid withinone or more social media accounts. The illustrat...