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Method and system of controlling other devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246259D
Publication Date: 2016-May-20
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This article presents a new method and system of controlling remote devices. Users operates on functions of their own devices, then these operations will be sent to remote devices to execute. So that users can operate remote devices by operating on their own devices.

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Method and system of controlling other devices

Remote control for mobile device is widely used, however, there are two disadvantages :
-UI is different from both two devices, like the icon arrangement, or the item sequence etc, user is only familiar with their own device, sometime, it may take times to find the right place they would like to operate on a remote phone
-When in remote control mode, the remote device is usually can not active due to the remote connection, our disclosure could make this transparent
Our disclosure provide a pair function to match the operation on different mobile device, thus user could operate on their own mobile device with their familiar UI to control the remote mobile device, no matter what the remote device UI looks like

Figure 1

Figure 1 illustrates the process of the 2 devices to connect with each other and identify similar functions. And the similar functions will be highlighted to remind user that he can remote control the pair device by operating on his own one.


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*API = Application Program Interface

Figure 2
Figure 2 illustrate the process of remote control devices. User operate on his own device(A), the same operations will be send to remote device(B) to execute.


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