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Method and system for multi-dimension delta analysis and presentation

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246268D
Publication Date: 2016-May-23
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It is a menthod and system that can make document delta display in multi-dimension to make user easy to check the change part he/she really interested. It will record all the changes of a document like who and when make what changes, then analysis the deltas including abstract the topics of the document and group users to different groups. At last display deltas as user's like in multiple dimension, user can select to check the deltas by role, by topic, by time respectively or mixed them up

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Method and system for multi-dimension delta analysis and presentation

During the daily business work, we usually need to involve multiples personals to input, review and finalize one document. So the docs need to be record changes done by multiple personals. Currently, the common document editor has helped to record the changes record by time. In order to make collaboration editing effectively, the follower editor usually wants to have a quick view/filter to see the history changes by personal who may be the interested party and coming changes will focus on reviewing the changes and make further editing. Another requirement is that every editor may have the role & responsibility difference, they will focus the different topic to input & review & confirm. So we hope our document editing tool can provide then changes tracking by topics. Our invention describes the method and system to implement multi-dimension delta analysis and presentation, to fulfill end users the requirement for documents changes tracking by time, roles, topics, even more dimensions or hybrid dimensions. For example a group of users shared a product design document and everyone can sharing opinion by editing the document. Users want to know what changes between version n and version n+1, what changes has been made by a special role, what's the opinion of all users on one special subject, what's the hot topic by accounting the maximum changing times or maximum number of users made changes and etc, That's the delta (ie changes or difference between different versions) analysis in multi-dimension.

The present invention provides a method that analysis the delta in multi-dimension and present the data according to user's preference, not just present the content changes from the original to the latest version. When a document is editing by multiple users, the end user not only wants to know what content has changed from the original version, he/she also want to have a quick view about the key topics of these changes, which role have done the changes so the she/he can know the impact and whether he/she is the interested party of the changes, and whether any actions he/she needs to...