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Cognitive Refrigerator System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246273D
Publication Date: 2016-May-23
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Disclosed is a smart refrigerator that is equipped with cameras and sensors to collect data about the contents of the items in the refrigerator. The system analyzes the data and then provides the user with a recommended shopping list, recipes, etc.

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Cognitive Refrigerator System

From the outside, users are not able to see the contents of refrigerators. Even if the refrigerator has a glass door, some containers can block the user's view of other content.

The novel contribution is a cognitive refrigerator system that enables the user to be aware of all items in the refrigerator.

The cognitive refrigerator has multiple cameras that allow the user to see the content of the refrigerator from multiple view points. The refrigerator's cameras automatically take 'snap-shots' of the contents. Just before the refrigerator door closes, the system verifies if any changes were made to positions of containers and the content (including drawers) and takes a new picture. When a user requests to know what is in the refrigerator, the system combines the most recent snapshots from the multiple cameras into a single three-dimensional (3D) view, which it then presents to a user. The system automatically analyzes the history of the snapshots (i.e., item placement and configuration) to understand patterns of food consumption by type and amounts.

In addition, the system contains sensors that cover the refrigerator's surfaces/shelving. These sensors can measure the weight of items. The system can combine the input from the cameras and the sensors, analyze the data, and produce a recommended shopping list. Based on the ingredients in the refrigerator and the associated expiration dates, the system might also suggest meals.