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Method of measuring light availability during navigation and applying to future routing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246276D
Publication Date: 2016-May-23
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A method is disclosed for measuring and recording the light shining upon a vehicle throughout the duration of a journey. The recorded light levels for roads can be applied to further routing decisions according to preference, allowing users to choose routes that contain the most lit sections for safer driving direction.

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Method of measuring light availability during navigation and applying to future routing

There is a large inconsistency in how the road networks are lit. The same motorway can be lit in some places but not in others. An unlit road is more likely to have an accident occur along it (, so it is preferable to provide drivers with routes which avoid unlit roads where possible.

    The method disclosed works by incorporating a light sensor into a satellite navigation device or a 'connected vehicle' (that is, one that includes satellite navigation). Areas that are unlit or that generally have poor light conditions, e.g. street lights which emit a low quality of light, are recorded and uploaded to the database for the satellite navigation device. When this device calculates a route these areas can then be avoided or used as infrequently as possible, ensuring that the driver is routed along a safer route.

    The method disclosed makes use of integrated light sensors in the satellite navigation device. Over the course of the journey, the device records the level of light shining upon the device. Whenever the user travels from one road to another, the level of light from the previous segment is assessed. If the light level is relatively stable for that entire segment then the average level of light is used. Where light levels fluctuate greatly, the system will subdivide that road segment into sections of light quality.

In the above diagram, Section 1 would be between two identifiable points on the M3 recorded in the satellite navigation data.

    At the end of the journey, the system now has a list of road segments use...