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Lengthen the progress bar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246292D
Publication Date: 2016-May-25
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A user interactive method of manually lengthening the progress bar, to navigate into contents that are not yet loaded and not yet presented on the current progress bar.

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Lengthen the progress bar

Pain points:

1. When I wantto see social network
app posts that my friend posted days ago, I have to browse all the wayback to that time point; no wayto conveniently jumpdirectly to any time

point of the message history.

2. When I browse a TV show series on cell phone, I have to trigger out the episode menu every time to jumpto other episodes, no convenient

wayto jumpto any episode for a quick look.

Auser interactive method of manually lengthening the progress bar, to navigate into contents that are not yet loaded and not yet presented on the current progress bar.

1. Users can lengthen the progress bar from either the top or bottom end, to navigate either backward or forward.

2. Users can drag the lengthening in any direction. Adotted line appear to display the path, and also is used as virtual part of progress bar exte nsion.

3. The lengthened part can have labels that tell users wherethey are now.

4. Afterusers stop, or click a label, the content at that time point willload to display.


  Quicklyand easily locate the information/status that you wantto see, whichsaves users' searching efforts. Easy to use. Users justneed to pulling the progress bar to locate the precise location.

Jump to the point directly withone single operation. You do not need to do several clicks or drags.

Skip unwanted information and help users to focus on only the information that they are interested in.

When I browse social network app, I can jumpback to messages that my friend posted 3 days ago, whichis on Mar. 18.

1. Drag from the bottom of the progress bar.