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An Environment Protection First Based Path Searching Algorithm

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246301D
Publication Date: 2016-May-26
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The aim of this disclosure is to provide a environment protection based route planning algorithm for Location Based Service provider to balance and improve environment quality.

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An Environment Protection First Based Path Searching Algorithm

As we know, in many cities, the environment for some regions that embrace many citizens and cars are polluted seriously; however, the air quality for another regions and roads are very pure and fresh for the reason that not so many motel cars run through these regions. Certainly, many people are choosing the shortest distance or shorted time consumed path to destination calculated by some map based mobile application. It seems to be not taken environment factors into consideration in current path planning algorithms that leading to serous imbalance of environment quality for a city.

This disclosure disclose a solution to balance and improve environment quality to some extended for a city.

To realize this idea, we can distribute sensors that can capture environment quality/pollution index on all urban main roads. These sensors can capture local environment quality index in real time and send it to data center managed by data provider. Through the environment quality or pollution index data stored in the data center, the data provider can easily analyze the air quality index in the whole cities in real time, and provide such data to third part firms through open Application Programming Interface(API) mode. And then the third part company like Global Positioning System(GPS) navigation service provider can call related Application Programming Interface(API) to fetch the environment quality index of the roads that across from start point to destination and calculate the best path that own both nice air quality and short distance or time consuming.

Such solution, we think, will do benefit a lot both for those prefer to a path that have a fresh air, and for environment protection department to balance a city's environment quality.

This disclosure provides an efficient way to reduce pollution to some extended due to the vehicle exhaust for some regions of the city.

The main implementation:

To implement this disclosure, at least three parts need to be involved. They can be environment quality data provider, Global Positioning System(GPS) navigation service provider, and end user.

End User:

1. End user can set a threshold on the Global Positioning System(GPS) navigation application that the air pollution index of the ways through can not exceed;

2. End user send best path planing request to the Global Positioning System(GPS) navigation server to fetch required path plan.

GPS service provider:

1. The GPS navigation service provider get request from the end user, and analyze all of the paths that can transfer user from source to destination;

2. The GPS navigation service provider send request to data provider to fetch the air pollution index of the ways that may required;

3. To ensure the the air pollution is not more than the specified threshold, the GPS navigation service provider will be calculate a shortest distance or time consumed path plan which will be provided to end use...