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Method of replacing repository disk based on Size Policy rule. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246357D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-02
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Method of replacing repository disk based on Size Policy rule.

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Method of replacing repository disk based on Size Policy rule .


PowerHA cluster require and maintain a shared repository among all the nodes in a cluster, for disk heart beating and Cluster configuration management. If this primary repository fails or is inaccessible, the nodes continue to operate in a restricted mode. The restricted mode continues until the administrator manually provides an alternate healthy repository disk. Cluser Aware of AIX (CAA) will automatically replace and rebuild the failed or inaccessible repository with an alternative pre-defined repository disk. With the existing solution replacement is done in the order the disks are defined. User is constrained from changing the order later on.

The user can define upto 6 backup repository disks. when primary CAA repository fails, based on the ARU feature in PowerHA it goes to backup repository disk. If there is an issue with backup repository disk, it will go to the next backup repository disk until it finds best repository disk.

The issue here is that, if there is no immediate proper backup repository disk, it will take time to find the best repository disk in the list. This causes cluster outage for some interval.

Also CAA repository disk size increases based on definition of new nodes in the cluster. If the immediate backup repository disk size is not sufficient to store CAA repository information, it causes the cluster outage.


The core idea is to introduce a daemon which do...