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System and Method for Automated Interview Process

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246362D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-02
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The proposed system caters to provide great experience to potential employees of an organization during the process of their recruitment. It helps the recruitment team and the candidate being processed for a job requisition to communicate on various aspects. The system helps in improving candidate engagement and experience.

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System and Method for Automated Interview Process

The proposal is to create an awesome experience for candidate on the first and subsequent visits and thereby increasing the onboarding chances by multi-fold.

Using a mobile app, a candidate experiences the following:

I. System sends reminders for interview and external subject links that can assist the candidate

II. Provides an option to the candidate to post questions and expectations. (It gives an opportunity to the recruiter and interviewer to know about the candidate.)

III. Shows Map/route/navigation to office and Welcomes the candidate as soon as he enters the premises

IV. Shows a short video of interview process @XXX
V. Shows the brief profile of interviewer to give a sense of interview
VI. Shows the interview result and the areas of improvement after a designated interval
VII. If not selected, what other job that can be of interest with eligibility to apply
VIII. If selected, help with the further interview process and/or onboarding process

Problem Statement:

Candidates or job seekers most of the times do not have any clue on the interview process, selection criteria, the depth of interview or the expected waiting time to get the result.

The ambiguity and lack of involvement in the recruitment process impacts several other decision making factors for a job seeker.

Business Value:

 Reduces "Time to Hire" ratio

 Increases overall hiring rate for the organization

 Maximizes new hire experience

 Motivation drives towards best hiring process in the industry

 Increases productivity

 Minimal utilization of recruitment staff, time, communication



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Use Case 1: (Ideal Scenarios)
 Candidate Bill: Profile short listed for technical interview
 The candidate has the Mobile App and got the notification for the interview  Received the details on interview location / schedule etc.
 The candidate can post questions / clarifications
 The candidate sees a demo or a video in interview process
 The candidate has access to understand the interviewer profile
 The candidate attains the interview as per the schedule

Use Case 2: (Change in Schedule / Loc...