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Integrated patient monitoring and analytics system using regression analysis algorithm

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246364D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-02

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The idea behind this article is to integrate personal insights of a patient with the medical insights thereby enhancing the capability to provide alternative medicine treatment and provide insights into the medical condition in addition to the conventional approach

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Integrated patient monitoring and analytics system using regression analysis algorithm

     Big Data Analytics is the future. Big Data technology has enabled processing of large structured and unstructured data in real time thereby enabling effective, rapid analysis and immediate action. The healthcare industry is one such critical industry which plays an important role in human life and where data volume is huge and very important. This huge volume of data when processed in real time, analyzed and integrated with certain other insights from the patients such as personal action based insights will help in the below said actions.

Effective predictive analysis for medical conditions (real time or offline);

Improved medical care and effective treatment techniques such as alternative medicine. Many factors other than medicine can prove to be effective treatments.

Enhanced prevention for medical conditions

While there are solutions to monitor patients, analyze their medical data offline and online there will sooner be a need for personal action insights based medical condition monitoring and analysis with the help of data captured from Big data platform and predictive analysis. This will not only help in effective treatment of patients but also will help in above said ways and which in turn leads to greater reputation and revenue for healthcare industry. Few more advantages are as follows:

1. Less human errors in medical treatments

2. Increased patient satisfaction

3. Improved analysis of patients medical conditions

4. Reduce time required for medical attention

Drawbacks of the current solutions

     Current solutions possess portable and static mechanisms for monitoring and analyzing medical parameters of patients online and offline. There is no solution that integrates medical insights of a patient with the patient's personal insights to monitor and analyze the physiological response and medical parameters of patients


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The novelty of the solution is to provide an integrated medical and personal insights based patient monitoring and analytics system which possesses the following:

1. Ability to provide predictive analysis and alerts based on historical medical insights integrated with location, weather and geographical area

2. Ability to provide integrated insights based on medical and personal insights - historical and live analysis

3. Ability to accept patient inputs and blend the same with medical data

4. Applying regression analysis for medical condition predictions

Summary of the invention:

     The current gap of patient monitoring and analytics system can be overcome through the method and apparatus we propose to provide an integrated medical and personal insights based monitoring and analytics system aligned with the data captured from Big data platform and regression analysis platform. This system will possess the following:

Ability to capture, record, analyze and report medical insights from pluralit...