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Smart Queue System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246383D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-02

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Disclosed is a system and method for effectively managing Customer queues, formed on premises such as Banks, Hospitals and so on. “Smart Queue System” provides a two-way interactive system to effectively manage Customer queues, by leveraging Mobile, Bluetooth* and Analytics technologies. It replaces the traditional Token systems with a Virtual Token Vending & Management solution.

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Smart Queue System

Smart Queue System

Traditionally, systems such as Banks, Hospitals, manage Customer queues by issuing "Tokens" to Customers. Tokens provide a disciplined way to manage the queues on a first come - first serve basis. However, the traditional implementation has some pitfalls as mentioned below, and deserves large improvement to attain a better Customer experience.

 Traditional Token based queue management system implements a centralized mechanism to issue & manage Tokens, either through an installed vending machine [hardware kiosks] or through manual labor. If this single vending mechanism fails [eg: Paper jam or printing failure], the whole queuing system collapses. Consider this situation in a bank or in a hospital dealing with thousands of visitors daily.

 In the traditional model, additional queues may even get formed before the vending mechanism to get Tokens. ie A queue to solve another queue.

 The biggest disadvantage in the traditional Token system is that, the Customers obtaining the Tokens will have to wait around the Service premises, by closely monitoring the progress of Tokens ahead of them, to avoid missing their turn. Thus Customers may get tied up to the service location for lengthy hours.

"Smart Queue System" overcomes the traditional challenges, with a De-centralized Virtual Token Vending & Management solution, leveraging Mobile, Bluetooth* and Analytics technologies.

Smart Queue System - Novelty & Benefits

 The Virtual Token Vending mechanism using Customer's mobile device enables distributed vending, eliminating the challenges of a centralized vending machine (eg: Harware Kiosks and its maintenance)

 Smart Queue System focuses on, on-premise queue management than off-premise scheduled appointments, thereby ensuring immediate service availability for Customers present in the Service location

 Automatic Queuing & Requeing feature, provides a seamless queue management facility in complex systems such as Hospitals, by automatically allocating and transferring the queue slot of a Customer across various


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 Eliminates the need for the Customers to wait around the Service location for long hours. Smart Queue Mobile application with notification alerts, allows the Customer to keep track of their Token position and wait time, resulting in enhanced Customer experience.

 Information derived by applying analytics [eg: Average Wait-Time] in the queue management system, helps Customers to utilize the wait-time effectively. Analytics data also helps the service organizations to improve Quality-of-Service [eg: Identify consistent service delays].

Smart Queue System - Solution Overview

This solution allows a Customer to walk-in to a Service Location [eg: Bank Branch] and request a Service Token from his smart phone mobile device. The mobile application obtains the token, tracks its position, the wait-time, and keeps the Customer informed about the queue progr...