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System for automatic project/product assignment recognition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246410D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-06
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During new team on-boarding process or taking over new project or extending scope of interest there is a need to find a contact person. Contact person with knowledge about product that is being transitioned to the team, contact person of the product we are going to integrate with. Finding the right person is not trivial task, because almost all personal profiles are out of date do not contain the name of current / past project/products.

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System for automatic project /

/product assignment recognition

product assignment recognition

Based on user artifacts, company offerings, offering under development and scoring algorithm

system will automatically update user profile with product /project name he/she was/is involved with. The system consists of the following steps: 1. Gathering information about products/project name used by the user:
Applications running (locally and remotely (http))

Application run frequency
Source code, test repositories names
Repositories components
Test scenarios names
Test cases names
Code change, test change delivery comments
Development epic, story names
Customer requirements repository (requirements linked to epics, stories opened by developer, tester)

     Wiki pages and other community articles
Email threads title / content
Customer names from field defects 2. Build a map of potential product/project name as a key and number of occurrences as a value 3. Building list of products and projects names currently offered or under development
Pulling products names from offering catalog
Pulling products names from field defects repository
Pulling product under development names from repositories: source code, test management, requirements (for example: RTC, GIT, RQM, Clearcase etc.)

Pulling product / project names from all hands meeting / organization announcements artifacts (for example: presentations, newsletters)

3. Create intersection of names from step 2 with product names gathered in ste...