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Method for Recommending New Communication Channels Based on Users’ Engagement Habits and Interests Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246438D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-06
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Disclosed is a method and system for recommending new communication channels specific conversations within an existing communication channel in a communication tool based on the channel users’ and key followers’ engagement habits and interests.

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Method for Recommending New Communication Channels Based on Users' Engagement Habits and Interests

Users and followers on real time communication channels often miss out on critical conversations due to the absence of notification of a new channel being created. Moreover, it is not possible for a user to monitor every communication channel to identify potential interesting or relevant topics on every channel due to time constraints.

The existing communication tools have basic static notification capabilities mostly in favour of a sender's preference overlooking a receiver's engagement habits and interests. Hence, a receiver at a communication end ends up receiving numerous notifications within a day affecting the productivity of the receiver.

The method and system disclosed herein recommends new communication channels within a communication tool based on a user's engagement habits and interests, wherein engagement habits and interests are personal activities performed by the user on tools. Accordingly, the system dynamically discovers new engagement habits as and when there is a change in the user's job or work focus.

The system further recommends new communication channels based on the user's key followers' communication behaviors and highlights portions in an existing channel in the communication tool. The system also notifies or invites a user for a private chat from another user based on engagement habits and interest.

In accordance with the system, a communication tool recommends new communication channels to a user based on the users' engagement interests and habits, thereby improving the way a user collaborates within a team. T...