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Formulating Skin Care Systems with Peel-Off Effect Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246448D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-07
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Joseph Shieh and Marie Ollagnier: AUTHOR


To satisfy consumer's visual perception on skin exfoliation, applications such as facial masks, facial cleansers, dermabrasion cream, etc., often require peeling effect during or post application. Lubrizol introduces cosmetic regimes with acrylate-based polymers which providing instant "peel-off" effect.

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          Formulating Skin Care Systems with Peel-Off EffectINTRODUCTION

In the cosmetic industry, consumers are looking for appealing products that provides beautifying benefits. In the quest for innovation, cosmetic manufacturers have to find new textures and formats that would be visually attractive, and would give instant perception of efficacy. The selection of specific ingredient can lead to interesting effects that would be evocative of an instant efficiency, reinforcing the experience in-use of the consumer. For instance, some acrylate-based polymers have been able to offer nice visual peel-off effect in skin care applications.

An example of such acrylate-based polymers is Fixate™ Design polymer (INCI: Polyacrylate-
32), an anionic, multi-functional film-forming polymer delivering superior performance in hair styling applications and offering excellent formulation flexibility. When used in hair styling applications, Fixate™ Design polymer delivers high humidity resistance, tailored hold, exceptional shine, little to no flaking, enhanced volume and distinctive sensory. In Lubrizol's recent skin care inventions, Fixate™ Design polymer also provides filmogenic action resulting into some peel-off effect upon rewetting. It is interesting to note that the magnitude of the peeling effect may vary based on the combination with different types of acrylate-based rheology modifiers.


A healthy skin consists of balanced keratinization and desquamation. Desquamation is a natural shedding process removing the outer layer of skin tissues in epidermis, and the process often slows down with age. Insufficient desquamation prolongs build-up of the dead skin cells which may cause the appearance of dry flaky skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. The thicker layer of the dead skin cell may also clog pores and trap serum which leads to acne and blemished skin tone. The routine use of skin exfoliating products and facial treatment masks are the keys to address these common skin problems. To satisfy the consumer's visual perception of removing the dead skin cells, some applications such as facial masks, facial cleansers, dermabrasion cream, etc., often require peeling effect during or post application. The objective is to create formulations with ingredients providing instant "peel-off" effect.


The present invention relates to a clear liquid gel (e.g., transparent or translucent) or emulsion compositions for skin care application. The compositions comprise one or more film forming agents providing peel-off effect. Preferably, but no necessarily, the film forming agent is a polyacrylate. The compositions may also comprise synthetic or natural rheology modifying agents, hydrophobic phase(s) including synthetic esters or natural oils, humectants, pigments, organic acid type exfoliating agents such as alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids, or physical exfoliating particles.

Fixate™ Design polymer w...