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Desktop history search service with actionable screen shots

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246482D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-10
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Very often users of computer devices search for information that have seen/hear in the past via different communication channels (emails, chats, wikis, communities, slack, etc, etc). A search tool can be implemented which understands the information which reached its user via his personal device (workstation, mobile device), to let him find any forgotten concept that he wants to come back to.

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Desktop history search service with actionable screen shots

Every second or so an agent installed on the laptop or workstation will make a screen capture. The capture will be indexed and analyzed. All the text will be extracted from the screen and used as an input for the search engine. Laptop or

workstation user will be able to look up the information which was seen in the past but (s)he is unsure where it was seen. This is going to be a personal service because data visible in the laptop screen might be sensitive. The screens will be encrypted and uploaded to the cloud service which will analyze them. The screen uploads will be optimized (compression, skipping redundant and irrelevant elements). Cognitive service will be used for picture to text extraction as well as for picture analysis (web link, chat or email detection). Search engine will be also

working remotely so that local laptop resources will not be used for text extraction,

analysis, index and search capabilities. This can be an operating system feature available as a toolbar/desktop widget. Additionally this service can be used as parental control software - it may raise alarms when children are engaged in risky chats. The results are presented in form of "actionable screen shots" user is able to click on url links, do text search and copy par of the screen shot elements.