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Coexistance Password System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246516D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-15
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This article presents a method of passwords co-existance. After an old password is being changed to a new one, the old password can still be used to login the system in a given period. This will give user a period of time to get familiar with new passord and start to use it instead of the old one.

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Coexistance Password System

We always have a lot of password (e.g, intranet id, server accounts, version control system id and so on). Most of that are required to be changed per 3 month in general. We may have the situation that after changing a new password, we forget the new one in the next day. Then we tried serval times with some combinations. That may cause the ID locked by the system due to input wrong password serval times. The only way to solve the problem is to notify the administrator and reset the password.

The invention disclosure introduces a double password mechanism to avoid the problem. Both of the old and new passwords are valid to the system in a overlap duration. They could be backup for each other. And also there should be a synchronize process for the two password field periodically.

This invention disclosure resolves following problems.

1) Provide the user a new recovery mechanism to re-change their password.
2) Provide a redundant idea for all of similar system.

In the old authentication system, there are 4 columns in the DB. "Period" means user has to change password in 120 days. "Duration" records the passed days.

User ID Password Period (Day) Duration (Day)


We involve another 3 columns to store the new password in the new authentication system.

1) At the begining the new password is the same with the old password.

User ID Old Password New Password Overlap Period (Day) Overlap Duration


2) The user changed his/her passwo...