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Method and system to protect eyes against screen time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246518D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-15
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This idea is based on a very common background. Mobile device becomes more and more popular and is widely used. People usually view video from mobile device. But we all know the disadvantage is the screen size is limited, it will impact our eyes if staring at screen for a long period. The key for this invention is to leverage ad. time for video to help protect users' eyes.

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Method and system to protect eyes against screen time

Generally the editor will insert some advertisements into videos, while most people do not care the content of the ad. We can leverage the ad. time to help protect users' eyes.

The implementation is to involve an Eyes Care mode/system, after user enable it, the system will calculate the viewed time plus the left time for current video being viewed, according to the different level of duration, the system will take corresponding eyes care action on current video. (All the thresholds can be customized.)

If low level, The ad. for current video will be played with a low-light level automatically to protect eyes.

If medium level, The ad. for current video will be played by audio only mode, and remind user to blink or close eyes during this period.

If high level, User can select add/customize eyes protection time during the video playing, and the recommended eyes protection time will be added automatically into video and keep away from those popular segments.

Then system will check if user will continue to view other videos, then repeat the steps, until the system is terminated.

The flowchart as following:


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