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A method to display excel content customized clearly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246526D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-15
Document File: 5 page(s) / 164K

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This invention discloses an User Interface (UI), which is a new method to helping user to see/compare data easily and clearly on a spreadsheet. An additional horizontal and vertical ruler is added on the spreadsheet that have the label/ index of the row/column on this dynamic ruler, so users could easily focus on one quadrant and also reference the other three quadrants at the same time.

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A method to display excel content customized clearly

Content in Excel with many rows and columns is difficult to see and compare; it is able to fix the location automatically with row number axis and column parameter axis.


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This is an User Interface (UI) patent disclosure. Below is a screen capture of the UI we disclosed. As shown, we propose an additional "bar" with label that could be dragged in order to view the cell clearly. In other words, user could see those data easily

with its label since they could drag the bar/label close to the cell that they want to read. Therefore, with the new UI, every cell/data in this .xls file could be display and read clearly.

show picture:


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User could use a defined key to enable the vertical/horizontal axis. When the axis is defined, it will add the column/row name to the axis, so when user enable this dynamic axis, the user could choose to display the label or the column/row name, instead. If the feature of "dynamic axis" is enable, then when user click on the cell (i.e, S117 on screen above), a dynamic axis will be shown for user to drag them like a ruler.

Now there is a new method to see data easily and clearly, and can focus on one quadrant and also reference the other three quadrants.

That makes people to compare with data in different quadrants easily.

This is the workflow chart:


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