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Three finger gesture to modify lines on a touch-sensitive surface Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246531D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-15
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Disclosed is a three finger gesture for interacting with touch sensitive surfaces. This disclosure refers to interacting with a touch-sensitive device such as a tablet or phones with ones' fingers. Traditionally one typically interacts using one or two fingers. This disclosure is regarding using three fingers.

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Three finger gesture to modify lines on a touch-sensitive surface

Editing lines on a touchscreen device can be a cumbersome process. This can be off-putting to the user, and therefore touchscreen devices are under-utilised for processes which require editing lines. This disclosure is to suggest a new mobile gesture which will make the editing of lines quick and intuitive.

    Existing methods of editing lines on touchscreen devices rely heavily on context sensitive menus. For example, if a user wished to edit line in a mapping application, they might need to navigate to a context sensitive menu. Edit mode must then be activated and points added to the screen. It takes the user time and additional clicks to achieve what should be a simple task. This process could be simplified by taking advantage of the touch screen's gesture capabilities. This gesture would afford the user a more efficient means of achieving their goal without breaking their concentration. This avoids user frustration and abandonment of the task at hand.

    With these current limitations in the current state of technology, we propose the following three finger gesture:
- A start and end point of a line are marked with two digits, which serves as an anchor
- A third digit gesture is then introduced via tap or drag.

- This tap or drag motion can be assigned different functionality (e.g. edit lines, zoom through multi-dimensional array data)

    Existing technology exists to allow gestures to manipulate data via...