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A method to deliver package with security credentials Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246538D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-16
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In order to solve express package security problem and monitor its position. Our invention is creating a method to deliver a mobile package with security credentials and every information can be deliver to the owner real-time and accurately.

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A method to deliver package with security credentials

We all have the need to receive packages somewhere and sometime. If you ask courier to deliver the package to your house, you expose your privacy (name, house address) to strangers; and you might not be home when the package is delivered to your house.

What's worse, when you moved to a new location, every mail address must be updated.

Idea: we need a mailbox that is mobile. It will transfer its location to postoffice wirelessly (GPS and bluetooth/wifi), and allow right people to open it at right time by a digital lock that can accept temporary passwords.

Scenario: You buy something from online store, ask them to send the package to mailbox 23768. When post-office received the package, it checks the latest location of mailbox 23768 and deliver the package to it. A temporary password is generated for the post-office when requesting mailbox location. When the courier found the box, he/she enters the one-time password, he opens the box and put the package in. There is a fixed camera inside the box to record the opening and close of box.

The box can be very small or large depending on your needs.

If you are carrying the box to hotel, you can ask frontdesk to store the box somewshere. When courier comes to hotel, frontdesk will tell him to put the delivered package to the box with correct number. Courier can open it if the password is acquired from post-office.

Owner of the mailbox has a master password that can always open the box, browsing videos captured by the fixed camera, and reset temporary password. Owner can check the video at any time if the box is connected to a know wifi.

How it works:
the box has an unique ID, and only post-office knows the owner/purchaser of this box



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the box is equipped with a password lock, where owner can set up"owner/master password" the box is equipped with GPS and simple wireless communication the box is mobile; if it starts moving, and then stops moving, it transfers its new location to post-office

when you give away your box number as destination of package delivery, delivery persons have no idea where this box is the owner can take this box to office, to hotel, to conference, to station, or to any place that allows the owner to temporarily store the box the box has an external chain lock, allowing it to be safely parked outside your house/office or station

when shipping, a delivery person request location and "one-time pass...