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A new design of keyboard for supporting customized configuration

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246540D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-16
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A new designed Keyboard support to customize key buttons' layout and displayed symbol for user required functions. End user can use this keyboard without change their own use habits

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A new design of keyboard for supporting customized configuration

With more and more WorldWide communications , people used to type their native characters for inputting, because native input habit makes more efficient. .This may happen at the public area , like airport , transport , school , library etc.

But currently there are different keyboard for different native language inputing habits. It is hard for the person who is not ready for the Eng characters only input .etc Sample:

     A: Chinese person who only can input with specified Input Method Editor and cannot blind typing . need to reference the Chinese symbols that already printed on the keyboard. The same situation to Japanese or Arbic person.

     B: Different Country use different keyboard layouts . for example minors - button's position are different between Russia and Belgium's keyboard
Our invention builds on photoelectric and Mechanical keyboard and extends its feature to analyzesystem locale or follow the configuration from the end user

Here are 4 main modules of our invention product

Central Configuration Module(CCM): This module Obtain basic inputs from the customer by coaching purpose or let customer select their language directly. Then drive the Display module and Mechanical module
Display module:This module get command from the CCM and displays correct symbol/character on the keyboard button .one Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) display cell located on each keyboard button surface . They can display different characters based keyboard setting.

Mechanical module: This module controls basic cells lift and down. The keyboard button is composed of one or more than one basic cells . If the button is not used in one certain locale , then the button(basic cells ) will be down trend , hide the button in the keyboard and make the surface real flat . other wise the keyboard 's layout is generated by lifted up basic cells like buttons on the keyboard . Basic cells belong to the same button will be hard wired
Power supply module : This module provides power to other modules


.Different Native can easy to realize the symbols and characters of their own user habit with the same keyboard

Different Native can easy to use the keyboard due to suitable button(compose of one and basic cells) layouts Through the coaching inputs , keyboard can choose exact display and layout for the end user


Same keyboard can be used in public areas, People work more efficient . Time and Resorces will be saved

Novelty & Claims

1. Utilize s smart keyboard with photoelectric and Mechanical techs etc

2. CCM either can be coached , per end user's info input

3. Power module can be part of keyboard or redirect by power from the plug-ined hosted system


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