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Method to share pictures to specific audience with gesture access control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246543D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-16
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A method to share pictures containing sensitive information to different contacts with different content is disclosed, in which the options and contacts selection page as well as the result review page are provided, so that users could easily customize the options and share sensitive content to different contacts.

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Method to share pictures to specific audience with gesture access control


Nowadays, more and more end users are sharing information in Social network etc. And there are different kinds of contacts in your network, they might be family, teammates, classmates, business partners etc. Sometimes you want to share an image in your whole network but you want part of confidential/sensitive information in this image surfaced to specific contacts, for example, only to your family while others will see the grayed areas in this image.


If user wants to share image that there are some confidential/sensitive information to some specific contacts, in current social platforms, what can do is group the network contacts and make a new image with Non confidential/sensitive information, then broadcast to different groups with different images at several times. It's not able to broadcast this information only one time, while the different contacts will see the different information.
- 1. User could share the pictures to ONLY the few contacts
- 2. User could mosaic those sensitive part and make a new pictures to share to other contacts

A sharing method via marking the sensitive information in pictures, and make them only visible to selected users. - 1. User select the picture to share
- 2. User mark the sensitive information on the picture with options below
-- 2.1 Radio option 1: marked area would be visible ONLY for selected contacts (NOT visible for other contacts)
-- 2.2 Radio op...