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Fire Extinguisher Directional Light with Notification Capability and Camera

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246547D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-16
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Disclosed are new components to add to existing home fire extinguisher devices to improve ease of use and accuracy and provide communication with emergency services. The new components are lighting for location and spray direction, a camera, and a cell phone stack.

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Fire Extinguisher Directional Light with Notification Capability and Camera

Manufacturers have improved the compounds used in home fire extinguisher devices in recent years, but have not improved these devices in any other way. In fact, in the effort to make these items in a less expensive manner, manufacturers have compromised the usability of these items in some cases. For example, one type of fire extinguisher is prone to be fired with the nozzle pointed toward the user, not toward the fire.

This disclosure presents improvements to these devices to improve safety and usability. In addition, new connectivity implementation enables the home fire extinguisher devices to contribute information to the local fire department upon activation and use.

The novel contribution comprises multiple components as apparatus improvements: lighting for fire extinguisher location and spray direction, a camera, and a cell phone stack.

The first component is a two-color (e.g., red and green) light emitting diode (LED). This two-part light is oriented on the top of the extinguisher. The red light helps make the extinguisher visible in a room, closet, etc. If multiple fire extinguishers are present at the location, then the system recommends and highlights which one to use. For example, if the fire/heat source is in the kitchen, then the system turns on the LED over the fire extinguisher nearest the kitchen. The green light is positioned to indicate the direction of the spray. The light is activated by noise, human proximity, etc.

Directional lighting illuminates where to aim the fire extinguisher for accurate application of the chemicals. The dual light mounts to the top or side of the fire extinguisher and aims the forward facing-light to illuminate the dispersion area of the chemicals. A vibration/shake sensor automatically activates the lights when the movement of the unit exceeds a threshold. In fire situations, time is of the essence, so this feature turns the lights on automatically when the user picks up the fire...