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Method and System for Multi-Factor Self-Authentication Mechanism in Drone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246552D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-16
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Disclosed is a method and system for multi-factor self-authentication mechanism in drone.

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Method and System for Multi -

weigh the contents to determine item is not changed in weigh. The warehouse software also provides a counter key to the product.

Thereafter, the user and user's drone are informed about the warehouse location, and accordingly the drone travels to collect the product from the warehouse store. Once the drone is nearer to the warehouse location, then the warehouse is informed, and accordingly warehouse keeps the product in appropriate location (drone collection point) in a conveyor. The exact location on the conveyor is informed to the user. In an instance, the product is physically locked in the conveyor, this physical lock can be magnetic lock or hinge based lock. The position of the conveyor have different sensor and keeps the drone specific information.

While collecting the product, the warehouse gate authenticates the drone before allowing the drone to travel towards the drone collection point.

Once the drone and the product are nearby then each of them validate each other.

Following figure illustrates the validation process. Product identifies the drone belongs to the user by checking the authentication key. Similarly, drone validates if the product specification is matching with the purchased product. Like dimension, weight, shape etc. If any deviation is identified, then drone communicates with the warehouse admin and the user.


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-Authentication Mechanism in Drone

Authentication Mechanism in Drone