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Runner's outfit guide application

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246577D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-20
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The article gives a high level solution for the automated suggesstion for workout outfit, based on collected data. Among conditions that are evaluated one can list the following: weather conditions, data from various sensor (positioning, health-related), personal perception and previous evaluations.

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'''s outfit guide application

s outfit guide application

Today, a lot of people is performing sport activities like cycling or running. While doing it for

whole year and under several weather conditions, there is always a concern whether the clothes selected for a workout are most accurate for current weather conditions. The problem is that even advanced runners might have problems selecting the most appropriate set of clothes (trousers, T-shirts, thermoactive underwear, or general clothes made with various fabrics). It is crucial to state, that the selection of clothes to reach the temperature comfort during workout is very personal thing and cannot be easily addressed with general statistics for whole population. So a solution for a single person is needed.

The idea behind this disclosure is to design an application, for example dedicated for smart phones, that will allow user to enter real weather conditions that were observed during the

workout, then user should enter the list of clothes used during workout and at the end evaluate the personal feeling during the workout regarding ex. temperature and/or wind comfort. Such input data together with the evaluation should be saved and later used by the internal application logic to propose the set of clothes. The proposal should be given after user enters current weather condition only. The advantage over already existing solution is that evaluation is performed on the real weather condition information and not on the data from weather forecasts. What's more, the suggestions of the outfit are based on the personal experience and are not based on the data from other people. That is addressing the fact that comfort perception is very personal thing and generalizing it to population level might not be as accurate as needed.

The usage of the application should be divided into two steps:
1) entering workout condition details and evaluation
2) entering weather conditions for obtaining outfit suggestion

1) Entering workout condition details and evaluation

To build the data set for giving suggestions later, it is required to allow user to provide the

workout condition information as well as the evaluation of it.

1.1) User is entering the current weather conditions. Among parameters one should see: temperature, wind speed, tendency (ex. cloudy, sunny, rain, etc) . It might be fully manual action or if there are special internet services that are able to provide current weather conditions then they might be used as well. It is important to state the weather forecast services must not be used as these are forecast only and in case of this application we require to have real data from workout time.

1.2) User is entering the pieces of clothes that are/were used during the workout

1.3) User is evaluating how he/she felt during the workout. It could be a scale, for example, from 1 to 5 or similar. There should be also a w possibility to enter the free text notes.

1.4) Application saves col...