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Mobile ZTE MRI system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246614D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-21
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Mobile ZTE MRI system with wireless inductive harvesting device. The magnet is in a parking position at an energy harvesting station. If a MRI scan is requested, the magnet is moved via nonmagnetic drive to the individual intensive care unit. Assuming that the intensive care patient cannot be moved, the dedicated patient bed is automatically inserted during motion into the magnet. The RF screening room is relatively simple, as no gradient filtering and magnet supply is required. Other concepts of alternative RF screening are possible, such as a moving screen, which contacts to the magnet.


The invention relates to a ZTE-based magnetic resonance examination system.


The ZTE-MRI system of the invention is mobile (e.g. on wheels). The field-of-view of the magnetic resonance examination system is adjusted by translation of the magnet. The translation may be controlled by image data acquired by optical cameras relating to the relative position of the magnet to the patient to be examined.

The ZTE-MRI system comprises a power supply including a battery-capacitive storage and an active inductive charger.

When the ZTE-MRI is in its parking position, the active inductive charger may charge the battery-capacitive storage. When the ZTE-MRI is moved to the patient to be examined and magnetic resonance signals are acquired for imaging, power is provided by the battery-capacitive storage.

A Mobile ZTE MRI system for intraoperative and intensive care clinical Trauma applications can improve workflow. We propose to supply and manage the mobile autonomous ZTE MRI system by an active combination of local integrated energy storage device and wireless energy harvesting station.

The ZTE MRI unit...