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Mobile ZTE MRI moving magnet imaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246615D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-21
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Mobile ZTE MRI system with wireless inductive harvesting device. The magnet is in a parking position at an energy harvesting station. If a MRI scan is requested, the magnet is moved via nonmagnetic drive to the individual intensive care unit.


The invention relates to a ZTE-based magnetic resonance examination (ZTE-MRI) system


According to the invention, the ZTE-MRI system  is mobile on wheels and provided with a non-magnetic wheel-drive unit. This enables the ZTE_MRI system to be mobile relative to the patient support. That is the ZTE-MRI may be moved to the patient’s bedside.

The ZTE_MRI system further has an on-board energy storage (battery, capacitor, fuel cell) to provide power for operation of the ZTE_MRI system ate the patient support (i.e. in its canning position).

A wireless power charger is provided to (re)charge the on-board energy storage. The recharging may be inductively or capacitive from an external energy supply, when the ZTE-MRI system is in its parking position (where it is not active for scanning).

We propose a mobile autonomous ZTE MRI system, which is able to image using multi station or continuous moving magnet imaging relative to a fixed patient bed. A feedback system between motion and MRI sequence controls and provides optimization for the workflow.

We propose a mobile autonomous ZTE MRI system, which allows continuous moving magnet imaging.The mobile ZTE MRI unit is able to autonomously move relative to the fixed MR patient s...