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Cognitive gap analysis of skills to find jobs and career paths Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246691D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-28
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Disclosed is a system for making career path recommendations based on cognitive gap analysis.

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Cognitive gap analysis of skills to find jobs and career paths


There have been a couple of software tools appearing in the past few years providing basis career guidance and recommendations. However, these systems are typically based on the following limitations:

User information gathering is based on a static set of questionnaire that fails to truly understand the personality, aspiration, skills and needs of the user. Restricted set of source to gather career path information from. Typically, in most current implementations.

    The current disclosure is about a system that can capture the personality, aspiration and skills of the user in a non-disruptive way for the user, through the user's day-to-day interactions on social network platform and social medium, leveraging cognitive analysis to compile data, and coupled with a large source of information about career paths, to provide accurate career path recommendations Concrete example of the disclosure

    Jared is a software engineer. As well as excellent soft skills in communication and presentation, he also has great skills in software development technologies and processes, like Java, Agile and Continuous Integration.

Jared wants to know:

What the next steps in his career could be (and potential steps thereafter) Potential positions that utilize his skills but perhaps require a little more, for example people management
What skills he's missing to become a project manager or architect, or perhaps even an IT teacher
What's the best material and resources for the knowledge he is missing

    Jared wants a career expert to perform an intelligent gap analysis and deliver a career map with potential career paths.

With the following data sources,

Social networking platform profiles - profile of the given person, and those who


have achieved related roles

Job profiles


Social media profiles


we can perform cognitive analysis of a person's skills, expertise and personality to provide a gap analysis for career progression.

  The advantage of this analysis is to deliver career recommendations: Candidate jobs for an individual looking to grow (a) vertically (b) horizontally (c) try a different career/industry

Skills to obtain in order to achieve these jobs Materials to read/use in order to obtain these skills Long-term potential career paths





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Technical Solution Overview

Solution Flow

User authenticates

User authorizes access to their online job profile, provides a resume, or enters


manually as plaintext

User's data is profiled for personality, skills, interests (see: Cognitive Data


Profiling - User)

Cognitive data for analysed related positions is accessed (see: Cognitive Data



User is presented with skills gap analysis, career paths, next step


  actions/recommendations Cognitive Data Acquisition Sources

Day-to-day interaction with social networks, email, instant messaging to capture personality traits in particular, but also expertise in specif...