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Automatic ticket assignment method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246694D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-29
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Main problem, to which solution we are proposing is situation that support tickets are not assigned to proper level of support.

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Automatic ticket assignment method

All companies that are working with customers need customer service or support teams. First step, done by customer is observing some problem, then ticket is being opened using phone call or dedicated system, where customer may write description of problem. Phone call usually is followed by writing description, so we are focusing on analysis of description. During ticket creation process customer usually is choosing product, writing description about problem, adding some files. Then it takes some time, when ticket is assigned to specialist on the topic, because of insufficient description, necessary files or just human mistakes, which leads to customer frustration.

We are proposing method of analysis of description and files provided by customer to automatically assign proper team on proper level of support (L1, L2, L3). Usually support is divided into 3 levels:

· L1 - makes initial contact with customer and makes first investigation - solves simple issues

· L2 - takes over investigation, when problem is more complex

· L3 - when L2 finds a bug in product, then forwards it to team who created product (Product Team), to fix this issue

What can be seen at a glance when looking at those 3 levels is that if there is bug or complex issue, it will always take some time, before problem reaches appropriate team. We are proposing method of analysis of description and data provided by customer, so ticket could be automatically assigned to proper team.

As a first step there should be created Support Knowledge Base, which will be used for that analysis. Product Team, as the one which is on deepest level of ticket assignment, should define "must gather" for t...