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Logical-Interface Support for IP Hosts with Multi-Access Support (RFC7847) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246724D
Original Publication Date: 2016-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2016-Jun-29
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Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) [RFC5213] is a network-based mobility management protocol standardized by IETF. One of the key goals of the PMIPv6 protocol is to enable a mobile node to perform handovers across access networks based on different access technologies. The protocol was also designed with the goal to allow a mobile node to simultaneously attach to different access networks and perform flow- based access selection [RFC7864]. The base protocol features specified in [RFC5213] and [RFC5844] have support for these capabilities. However, to support these features, the mobile node is required to be enabled with a specific software configuration known as logical-interface support. The logical-interface configuration is essential for a mobile node to perform inter-access handovers without impacting the IP sessions on the host.

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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                     T. Melia, Ed. Request for Comments: 7847                             Kudelski Security Category: Informational                               S. Gundavelli, Ed. ISSN: 2070-1721                                                    Cisco                                                                 May 2016

     Logical-Interface Support for IP Hosts with Multi-Access Support


   A logical interface is a software semantic internal to the host    operating system.  This semantic is available in all popular    operating systems and is used in various protocol implementations.    Logical-interface support is required on the mobile node attached to    a Proxy Mobile IPv6 domain for leveraging various network-based    mobility management features such as inter-technology handoffs,    multihoming, and flow mobility support.  This document explains the    operational details of the logical-interface construct and the    specifics on how link-layer implementations hide the physical    interfaces from the IP stack and from the network nodes on the    attached access networks.  Furthermore, this document identifies the    applicability of this approach to various link-layer technologies and    analyzes the issues around it when used in conjunction with various    mobility management features.

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