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Session Recording Protocol (RFC7866) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246739D
Original Publication Date: 2016-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2016-Jun-29

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This document specifies the mechanism to record a Communication Session (CS) by delivering real-time media and metadata from the CS to a recording device. In accordance with the architecture [RFC7245], the Session Recording Protocol specifies the use of SIP, the Session Description Protocol (SDP), and RTP to establish a Recording Session (RS) between the Session Recording Client (SRC), which is on the path of the CS, and a Session Recording Server (SRS) at the recording device. SIP is also used to deliver metadata to the recording device, as specified in [RFC7865]. Metadata is information that describes recorded media and the CS to which they relate. The Session Recording Protocol intends to satisfy the SIP-based Media Recording (SIPREC) requirements listed in [RFC6341]. In addition to the Session Recording Protocol, this document specifies extensions for user agents (UAs) that are participants in a CS to receive recording indications and to provide preferences for recording.

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                        Session Recording Protocol


   This document specifies the use of the Session Initiation Protocol    (SIP), the Session Description Protocol (SDP), and the Real-time    Transport Protocol (RTP) for delivering real-time media and metadata    from a Communication Session (CS) to a recording device.  The Session    Recording Protocol specifies the use of SIP, SDP, and RTP to    establish a Recording Session (RS) between the Session Recording    Client (SRC), which is on the path of the CS, and a Session Recording    Server (SRS) at the recording device.  This document considers only    active recording, where the SRC purposefully streams media to an SRS    and all participating user agents (UAs) are notified of the    recording.  Passive recording, where a recording device detects media    directly from the network (e.g., using port-mirroring techniques), is    outside the scope of this document.  In addition, lawful intercept is    outside the scope of this document.

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