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Aromatic Polyester Polyols Containing Lignin for Polyurethane Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246787D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-30
Document File: 10 page(s) / 4M

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Kevin A. Rogers Jack R. Kovsky Matthew J. Beatty Shakti L. Mukerjee [+details]


Organosolv and alkali lignin were incorporated into aromatic polyester polyols (APP) produced from recycled feedstocks. The recycled materials largely comprised recycled PET sources. Incorporation of organosolv lignin into the APP was facile; up to 25 wt.% of the organosolv lignin could be included in a typical polyester polyol formulation. In contrast, incorporation of alkali lignin required using organosolv lignin as a co-component. Reaction of the lignin-containing APP with diisocyanates (HDI and IPDI) or with the HDI isocyanurate trimer successfully gave sustainable-content polyurethanes and rigid polyisocyanurate foams.