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Stronger Rack Enclosure Corner Post Construction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246789D
Publication Date: 2016-Jun-30
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Described is an efficient way to construct product structural corners in such a way to mitigate discontinuities at the joining surfaces in an extremely compact fashion. The key is to project geometry to straddle the given corner joints.

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Stronger Rack Enclosure Corner Post Construction

In the electronics/computing industry, system rack enclosures ("racks") are generally shrinking in overall width to 600mm in order to completely fit on one "standard" data center floor tile. Given these racks also need to comply with EIA-310D standards, the internal equipment widths are set which forces the rack outer corner posts to shrink in width in order to fit within the 600mm requirement. Racks become weaker (especially side-to-side) with thinner corner post geometry.

    The invention cleverly decreases the base pan width so that the outer walls of each corner post can extend down past the base pan top surface in order to straddle the discontinuity between the two pieces and still maintain the 600mm overall rack width. This, in turn, creates less stress on the welds and effectively allows the structure to withstand greater loads, especially in the side-to-side orientation.

Figure 1 below graphically shows how the corner post outer walls extend down past the top surface of the rack base pan in order to straddle the discontinuity between these pieces. The corner post material which covers up the gap between these pieces provides appreciably more strength (especially side-to-side) to the overall structure by placing less stress on the welds which

join the pieces together.

Figure 1

By designing the base pan to be slightly shorter in width, the corner post outer walls can stay within the 600mm overall width requirem...