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Method to Let Back Navigation Functionality in a Browser to Seamlessly Work in a Single Page Web Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246807D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-01
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A Web application developer can programmatically take a snapshot of the DOM of a page at a suitable instant and store it in the browser memory; when the user clicks on the back button the page is restored based on the last DOM snapshot.

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Method to Let Back Navigation Functionality in a Browser to Seamlessly Work in a Single Page Web Application

    In the hypertext era it was normal for a user to click on a back button to return to the previous page. This behavior is felt almost automatic because it's logical to click on a back button to back navigate, so this requirement is evidently valid for the static Web applications but is also expected for the dynamic ones. Furthermore since a Web application usually runs in a standard browser, it's comfortable for the user to click on the back button of the browser to go back in the history.

    In the generic Web applications (static or dynamic) this is possible because an interaction is a sequence of pages or actions.

    More recently the Web technologies are focused on a special Web application type called Single Page Web Application that contains only one html page used as container and the needed components are dynamically created and put in the page in the exact position during the flow of the interaction. This approach generates a problem about the back navigation because clicking on the back button of the browser the previous URL is loaded but this is not part of the Web application, but something else visited by the user before entering the Web application; at this point the user needs to reload the Web application, losing all the previous interactions and relative results (for example the result set of a search). Also if the Web application is used to make an Android mobile app, after tapping the back button the result is that the app is completely closed.

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