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Method for automatic update of mobile phone contact numbers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246817D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-04
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Method to automatically update known contacts of mobile number change

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Method for automatic update of mobile phone contact numbers

Disclosed is a method for automating the process of updating the contact lists of all mobile phones containing a particular mobile phone's number, to a new number

when its number is changed.

    A consequence of changing a number for a mobile phone is that the contact lists for all phones that contained the original number will become out-of-date. This idea seeks to provide a solution to this problem.

It is a common practice for mobile phone users to share their phone number

with others by sending a text message from the first phone (P1) to a second phone (P2) from which the originating number can be extracted. The fact that both parties (P1 and P2) are cooperating to distribute the number gives the originating phone the opportunity to remember where its number was sent and therefore which phone should be notified of a number update.

    The process would work thusly:
1. Somebody (P1) wishes to share their number with another person (P2).

2. The owner of originating phone (P1) would be requested by their 'friend' to send a text message to phone (P2) for the purpose of distributing the number of P1. This message is of a particular type so the receiving phone knows this is part of the number synching solution. The software on P1 records P2's number in its 'Sent DB', so that it remembers, at any future point, that P2 has its number. A token is sent along with the message that is unique to the source phone, in this...