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Security and Fraud Monitoring Drone for Package Delivery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246843D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-06
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Disclosed is a system and method to implement a security/fraud detection drone as a means of adding security and limiting fraud related to drone delivery services.

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Security and Fraud Monitoring Drone for Package Delivery

As businesses increasingly use drones for package delivery new challenges arise for the delivery companies. Thieves can find and follow drones to a delivery point and then steal the package after the drone leaves. Claims can be made that lead to monetary losses to the delivery companies (e.g.,
package was never delivered, drone made a mistake, additional refunds needed, etc.).

A method is needed to add security and limit fraud in the drone delivery service.

The novel solution introduces the security/fraud detection drone (SF drone) as part of a delivery control system. Based on the predicted conditions and delivery payload, an SF drone a can accompany a delivery drone to provide security for the drone and package before, during, and after the delivery. The SF drone can also stay with the package until it is picked up, providing verification against fraud that the package was delivered and accepted.

Identifying the need for an SF Drone

The delivery control system determines the need for an SF drone for a given delivery. Factors for consideration include:

• Overall crime rate in the delivery area • Drone related crime in the delivery area • Previous incidents at this delivery endpoint
• Characteristics of the delivery endpoint (e.g., front of the house, back patio, second floor balcony, etc.)

• Previous incidents/fraud claims from the homeowner/customer

SF Drone Provisioning

The system provisions an SF drone if needed for the delivery. Methods for provisioning the SF drone include:

• With the delivery drone: the SF Drone rides the delivery drone to the address, disengages, and secures the area.

• Solo: the SF drone independently flies to the delivery endpoint either from a home base or a drone delivery platform:

- Delivery van - could include one or more SF drones and deploy as needed

- SF mother drone - could include one or more SF drones and deploy to an area as needed

Pre-Delivery Security

The drone scans the area at the delivery endpoint for suspicious activity. It can provide this capability using one or more sensors/analysis:

• Motion Sensor: identifies motion detected in the area, which could indicate a security risk

• Video: system uses technologies for:


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- Object recognition to identify sources of movement (e.g., people vs. small animals) in the area

- Facial recognition to determine if people in the area are known (e.g., the homeowner, spouse, etc. stored during the ordering process)

- Detection of other suspicious behavior (e.g., lurking, wearing a mask, etc.)

During Delivery Security

The SF drone moves to a position to enable a clear view of the delivery drone approach and package delivery. It watches for data that indicates the drone is about to be attacked using:

• Motion Sensor: identifies whether detected motion is in the flight path or near the drone