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A new mechanism to assist readers who have obstacles of reading to be more focus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246847D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-07
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The idea was designed to help people who have obstacles of reading. For those people, it is very hard for them to focus on a specific line. With our invention, a special focusing mode is provided for the electronic reading device. After activating the focusing mode, only a few lines are displayed, and the rest of lines are faded. Also, some keywords can be highlighted to help the reader to understand the key meaning of the sentence. It is very easy to activate or quit the focusing mode.

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A new mechanism to assist readers who have obstacles of reading to be more focus

For most of the books, one page includes 20 to 40 lines. It is quite useful to fast reading, readers don't need to read every single word. However, for intensive reading, readers need to read the book line by line to understand the meaning of the content.

For some readers, who have obstacle to focus on each words. They have to use their finger to point at the book to help them being focus. For those people, it

would be better to show them a few lines(3 to 5 lines), instead of the whole page. For the readers, they can focus on the lines, and the rest area of the page

will be specially processed. The focus area can be moved up and down while the finger touch the screen.

The main idea of this invention is to assist people who have obstacle on reading. With our invention, when people activates the function, the reading tool enter a special reading mode (focusing mode). The whole page will be specially blurred, except for the first few lines (The line number could be configured). By configuration, the user is able to highlight keywords via semantic analysis.

While reading, he can move his finger or touch the screen to change the focus area. After the reader completed the reading, it is easy to return back to the normal mode.


1. Andy has some obstacles on reading. To help him to concentrate, focusing mode is activated.

2. He can easily activate this function, by touching the both corners on the top.

- By default, five lines are showed, and the rest of lines are faded. Within this five lines, the middle line is mostly hi...