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The system and method of auxiliary read device for printed book Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246848D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-07
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This article presents a method and system of indexing/searching for printed books, and optionally there is a flip evice to flip to the target page. First a printed book is mapped to a electronic book, then user can search the electronic book and map the result back to the printed book, this enables user to be able to search printed books. And the system can flip to the target page automatically.

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The system and method of auxiliary read device for printed book

It's hardly to locate the specific pages of interested keyword for printed book.Even it's easy for e-book,the favor to printed books is keen to find a speedy method to locate the target pages with keyword and even to flip the specific page automatically.

For instance, a reader is interested in which pages contain a person in one printed book that he/she is reading. How can help him/her to achieve it conveniently ?When the pages can be located, how can help him/her to flip it over automatically?

This disclosure describes the system and method of auxiliary read device for printed book and includes:
1.a wearable device ,that can detect the e-book for its counterpart that is the printed book being read by user.The e-book is available in cloud environment. input interface,that can be input with search keyword and be displayed with search result.

3.a tiny record table,that is used to store historical keywords and search result,which can speed up search.

4.a flip device,that can assist human being to flip the target page automatically.


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Figure 1 components of the invention


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Figure 2: workflow of the invention