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Smart public road transport system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246858D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-08
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In the public road transport system, in order to provide efficient BUS service, Van service, Car service, it is important to get correct information easily about passengers at each stop and where they intend to go. This was not possible easily. With the advent of smart phone, GPS, internet it has become possible. This article describes the steps to implement that solution.

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Smart public road transport system

To provide efficient public road transport system, it is important to get accurate information of passengers and their intended destinations.

Main problems in achieving this is
- Number of passengers at bus stop is random.
- The destination where they go is random.

- We have limited number of buses, vans.

In order to solve the above problem two proposals have been provided.
The bus stops to have hotspots, which will help detect the number of bus


passengers in bus stop and their destinations.

The GPS in smart phone is used to detect the number of bus passengers in bus stop


and their destinations.

Based on the above information sent to control center, the control center to process optimum and best Bus/van to be sent to service the passengers.


The flow chart for proposal-1 is as follows.



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The flow chart for proposal-2 is as follows.

Both the proposed system ensures
- Correct bus/van/car can be deployed at each bus stop, routes at appropriate time.
- Avoids wrong information being given to transport coordinator.

- When user who does not board, his record is removed appropriately.

Method for scheduling best bus/van routes
The selection of best bus/van combination can be done using the algorithm given below steps.



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The flow chart for the algorithm is shown below.


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Benefits of proposed algorithm:-

Taken care of providing non-stop...