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Document Management using E-mail Client Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246860D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-08
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Discloses an automatic mechanism for the process of consolidating data in an easier way which actually saves a lot of time and effort that is usually involved in a copy and paste or manual processes or maintaining couple of versions.

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Document Management using E-mail Client


In the process of data collection through email, apart from retrieving digital data, the most critical part is the preservation of data and consolidating the responses and showing in collective format which involves maintaining an original source copy and storing it for preservation purposes or further processing. Therefore, Improvements in the area of collecting and consolidating data are greatly in need to further add efficiency to the overall process. Required to improve the identification, location, retrieval, preservation and consolidating processes, especially in a cost effective way.


This is a proposal to provide a system which will help in collecting data easily without using any external tool or application.

• The chairperson will attach the excel / word document which contains the format in which data to be entered and send it to all the recipients.

• Upon sending a metadata file will be created on the mail server having the owner information, data presentation format ( here excel / document), the metadata generated from the excel/word, expiry date, confidential/non confidential setting information etc.

• When the recipient opens the document for adding information, the document is generated with the data available in the metadata file of the chair person's mail server and presented before him.

• When recipient enters the requested data and saves, the data is extracted and it will be u...