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A Smarter City Solution – Auto Pollution Analyzer and Resolution Provider Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246862D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-08
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Air Pollution is an international hazard and Countries across the Globe are striving hard to overcome this issue. Disclosed is a Programmable Device with sensors to identify the levels of Pollution and determine the number of tress, Types of trees and ambient levels required in that area. -- Real-time capture and recording of atmospheric (air) conditions and thereby determine the levels of pollution around the area of impact. -- A method implemented by integrating sensors with a program which can analyze the level of Air Pollution and Suggest the “Type of Trees” and "Number of Trees" required (based on the available knowledge of the trees that can improve the environment) to be planted in the affected area to compensate/cutoff the Pollution levels. -- An integrated GPS System that identifies the Available Space surrounding the densely polluted Area and this helps us plan the suggested Plantations. -- A system that would also Geo-Tag the suggested plantations for future tree health monitoring of the suggested plantations. -- An Integrated messaging System via GPS to alert the primary contacts of recipients on the Status or any other emergency alerts related to classified poisonous gases detected by the system. -- The real time data captured can be linked to a centralized Environmental Cell/Statistical Division of the District/Region. -- Historical Data Tracking helps draw trends in the pollution patterns and take corrective decisions in planning the plantation space available in city and avoid irregular Plantation.

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A Smarter City Solution - Auto Pollution Analyzer and Resolution Provider


-- There are many ways of handling the air pollution which includes

- Use of Public mode of transportation and Car pooling
- Save Energy by reduced usage of Electronic Items.

- Reuse/Recycling items.

- Promote Solar Energy and Wind Energy
- Battery driven vehicles and many more…

-- Here the exact solution for this problem is to build a device that monitors the Toxic Levels, Organic/inorganic Components in air at a given location over a period of time.
-- This device develops a Trend or Live Report on the Air pollution levels at that specific location within a set radius and gives a detailed report of Air Pollution and thereby also suggest the "Type of trees/plants" that needs to be planted there and also "The number of Trees" required to overcome the Air pollution and thereby help improve the oxygen levels in air.
-- We can also include any other Outdoor Air freshener to ensure Ambient Air flow.
-- Additionally, This live report is dynamic and hence based on the pollution levels generated today may not be same after few years and so based on Historical data it can gauze the future and suggest the approximate number of trees required there by helps plan the city properly in the available Area.
-- Also, this device has GPS in-built in it which can identify the Available free space for plantation and in the vicinity of the affected Area.
-- This device also does geo tagging of trees/plan...