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Automatic Reporting structure In Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246863D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-08
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Automatic Reporting structure In Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Automatic Reporting structure In Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Problem Statement:

While creating a ticket or case using the CRM, the manager wouldn't be able to pull out the individual tickets of agents. To do this, he'll need to pull out each and every ticket (may be by creating filters or views) and then find out the records which is time consuming.


We could develop a process where the ticket created by one particular agent will automatically save into the manager's profile.

Manager would be able to click on his team members profiles and easily pull out the records. This would ease the task of finding the individual tickets and also in quality check.

Benefits of this method include:

-Less prone to errors and it gives accurate data to the higher level management to further discuss on performance of the individuals.

-There would be some agents who skip logging tickets but once the process is automatized we can rectify that error, and this could also allow other agents to act with efficiency when they receive the call from existing contact.


The proposed article works on automatizing the reporting of agent created tickets to the reporting manager. As discussed in the solution, once the agent creates the ticket it would automatically get posted to the manager's database thereby allowing the manager to pull out the records easily. This process also creates a duplicate of the date to date tickets worked by an agent in his individual dat...