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One Method to Generate 100% Gamma Crystal in Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymer and the Effect on the Crystallization Rate Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246891D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-12
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Manipulate the inner structure is an effective way to modify the performance of final product. Here, we discovered that very high fractions or even 100% gamma crystal can be obtained in Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymer. Meanwhile, by controlling the initial melting temperature, crystallization rate is largely increased which will improve the cycle time for the compounding and injection molding fabrication processes.

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One Method to Generate 100% Gamma Crystal in Vistamaxx™ 

Performance Polymer and the Effect on the Crystallization Rate 


Manipulate the inner structure is an effective way to modify the performance of final product.  Here, we discovered that very high fractions or even 100% gamma crystal can be obtained in  Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymer.  Meanwhile, by controlling the initial melting temperature,  crystallization rate is largely increased which will improve the cycle time for the compounding  and injection molding fabrication processes. 



Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymer is a propylene based thermoplastic elastomer. It is able to  form a variety of different crystalline polymorphs. Three different crystalline phases: alpha, beta  and gamma crystal have been observed. Alpha crystal is by far the most common phase and  occurs under a large variety of crystallization conditions. But of three crystalline polymorphs,  gamma crystal is the least commonly observed. Gamma crystal needs to be formed under some  rigorous conditions, e.g. high injection molding pressure or degraded molecular chains. Recent  studies  suggest  that  samples  rich  in  gamma  crystal  show  improvement  in  both  strength  and  toughness. 



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