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Method and System for providing alias-based group chatting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246904D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-13
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This invention is to provide an alias-based method in group chat. In this group chat, the attendee will pick up alias when joing the chat, then each one can notify others via alias and choose to monitor chat which has specific alias, and could be notified when there is such chat message.

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Method and System for providing alias-based group chatting

In enterprise environment, people use group chat to collaborate. Usually a group chat consist of attendees of different roles, expertises, or from different departments. For example, a company which provides cloud services need upgrade their services with regular schedule. During the course of deployment, it usually needs people from development team, testing team, operation team, management team to work together. Group chat is an efficient way for this kind collaboration, in addition to tele-conference.

The pain in the group chat is that attendees usually don't know each other, especially about the role, or expertise of others. And it is hard to talk to the right person without knowing his/her role and expertise. E.g. if one attendee has a question which need development team to answer, it needs know the name of the development team representative.

On the other side, attendees usually are more interested in chats which are related to himself. For example, the owner of a component may only care about issues about the component, while in the group chat, people may talk about issues of other components. These are pains of using existing group chat.

Also since different group chat has different purpose and consist of different set of people, it needs a dynamic mechanism which can be defined by the owner of group chat to help communication between attendees

This invention is to solve the pain and provide a alias-based method in g...