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Headpiece Charger Coil Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246919D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-15
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Headpiece Charger Coil

Problem Addressed 

The battery within an off-the-ear sound processor requires regular recharging. Normally, this requires the user to remove the headpiece.

A method or device is needed that accommodates battery recharging while the user is wearing the off-the-ear sound processor.

Novelty Statement

The novel contribution is a lightweight wearable charger coil that connects to the sound processor while the user is wearing it. The battery for the charger is contained in a body-worn or behind-the-ear charger module that connects to the charger coil via a cable. Alternatively, the charger coil can connect to a universal serial bus (USB) power port.

Description (Components, Process)

Figure 1: External portion of the cochlear implant (CI) system, showing a headpiece button with a hollow charger coil

Figure 2: Cross-sectional view of the headpiece button and hollow charger coil

Figure 3: The behind-the-ear (BTE) charger charges the sound processor (SP) button device, while the SP button powers the cochlear implant over a combined power/data radio frequency (RF) link

Figure 4: The BTE charger charges the power button device, while the power button powers the cochlear implant (i.e., minimally invasive cochlear implantation (MICI) or totally implantable cochlear implant (TICI))

Example Embodiment

The charger coil connects to the button device using mechanical soft-friction mechanisms between the housings (e.g., an O-ring), magnetic force between permanent magnets, or a locking mechanism (such as snap-lock connectors).

The soft-friction fixation mechanism includes concave (i.e., recessed)-shaped and convex-shaped co-lateral surf...