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Telecommunications charging system Simulator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246939D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-18
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The main funciton of this disclosure is to show directly the charging details records including caller or messager, holding time, charging, traffic, application and so on. And it can detect the arbitrary telecommunication charge and then warn the user.

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Telecommunications charging system Simulator

Smart phone brings the changes to our lives. Meanwhile, the expenses on it rise up too. However, is charge always correct? Has arbitrary charge ever happened? If not, congratulation! If yes, how to detect it? Check the bill details by manual? That is really time consumed.

So Telecommunications charging system Simulator can be used to make sure the charge is correct through comparing the bill details and the simulator communication by automatically. If incorrect, this simulator can help to defect which record wrong. Then complain can be made to telecommunication operator about the arbitrary charge.

The main charge for the telecommunication includes call, message, and traffic.

Downloading the e-bill details from telecommunication network and then import to the simulator. And then use the simulator to compare the data from phone and e-bill. Once defect the difference, make a notification.

Patent points:
1. Compare and analysis the data automatically. The exact difference can be known directly, and no need to check it by manual, which is too time consumed.

2. For the different record about call, user can know who they called directly instead of reading a phone number. Then user can decided if it is acceptable without check address book.

Simulator works flow:


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1. User download the e-bill and import it to simulator.

2. The simulator reformatted the e-bill details according to the difference templ...